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Ferret becomes a WorkflowMax (Xero Practice Manager) Official Add-On

July 09, 2015

Author: Andrew Storm

Ferret becomes a WorkflowMax (Xero Practice Manager) Official Add-On

Ferret Software Ltd. has become an official Add-On to WorkflowMax (Xero Practice Manager) and offers integration between the two systems.

Click here to go to the Ferret Add-On Page on the WorkflowMax website

Highlights of WorkflowMax with Ferret Document Management System

  • Continue to use WorkflowMax to track and manage jobs and clients, but add powerful document management functionality.
  • Ferret is a document management system that allows you to view all documents and all correspondence relating to a client or job in one place.
  • You’re able to get the full picture of a client or job, and retrieve any document or email in seconds.
  • Sync all client and job details between WorkflowMax and Ferret document management system. As you update client details in WorkflowMax, they’ll automatically be updated through to Ferret.
  • Ferret’s Document Management System is the missing link where all emails and documents are stored in one place.
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