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Get a tailored Ferret solution to help your business run smarter


1. Manage your business information

  • Customised database and records management
  • All staff kept up-to-date in real time with latest information
  • Synchronize Ferret with your existing systems
Manage your business information

2. All your documents in one place

  • Emails filed and auto-indexed
  • Document version control
  • MS Word, Excel, PDF’s and more
All your documents in one place
Systemise processes

3. Systemise your business processes

  • Tailored workflows
  • Turn paper processes into an electronic task checklist
  • Automate with due dates and email notifications
Systemise your business processes
Cloud access

4. Access your information anywhere

  • Modern web-based system
  • Microsoft Azure Security
  • Mobile or desktop
Access your information anywhere


One place for all your business information, emails and documents

Business information is usually fragmented into many different systems. Ferret Software brings everything together in one place.

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Workflow and task management

Workflow and task management

Ferret systemizes your undocumented and repeatable business processes into template driven workflows.

Easily manage tasks in your process and report on progress of these workflows.

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User story - Managing export shipping documentation at Tenon

Manufacturing Giant Tenon manage over 5000 new Export Shipping Paper Documents each month. Using Ferret Document Management System they have been able to move to an electronic, paperless process.

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Experienced in your industry

We’ve completed many implementations across key industry segments and understand the productivity and efficiency gains to each.



One system for all client, policy and claim information, documents and emails.

  • Integrates with insurance apps (Eglobal, Insight, others)
  • Tailored reporting on claims progress
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Client Management (CRM)

Client Management (CRM)
  • Used in many different industries, Finance, Accountants, Consultants, Trusts, Others
  • Tailor your CRM database to your specific needs and business processes
  • Manage leads, opportunities, clients, trusts, contacts, tasks, projects and more
  • Tailored workflows, email notifications and reporting
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Job based industries

Job based industries

One system for all job and office information, documents and emails. Construction, Surveyors, Engineers, Transport/Freight

  • Improved teamwork - access latest job information on the go
  • Task & project management workflows with email reminders
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One system for all quality process control and office information, documents and emails.

  • Electronic quality control task check lists
  • Peace of mind that documentation is secure and searchable
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One system for legal matter document & email management.

  • Integration with existing legal practice management systems
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One system for all property, owner and tenant information, documents and emails.

  • Peace of mind knowing everything is securely stored electronically and searchable
  • Tailor a workflow for your business processes, inspections, complaints, building WOF’s, new property setup
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Charities or associations

Charities or associations

One system for members information, documents & emails

  • Many registered charities use Ferret to manage members, companies or their unique record requirements.
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One system for all patient information, documents and emails.

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Human resources

Human resources

One system for all staff and training information, documents and emails

  • Tailored HR database with email notifications
  • Electronic checklists for on boarding, accreditation tracking and more
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Health and safety

Health and safety

All your health and safety information in one place

  • Incident management with tailored workflows
  • Compliance management
  • Health and safety document version control
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Accounts payable automation

Accounts payable automation
  • Accounts payable module comes standard with Ferret
  • Manage invoice approvals, filing of invoices and more
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Can't find your industry?

Ferret is flexible and setup to suit each area of your business. For example, one company may use Ferret for Clients, Contacts, Projects, Tasks, Office Administration, Staff/HR documentation and Accounts Payable Approvals/Suppliers all in one software system.

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Ferret software advantages

Many useful features to take your document management to the next level.

All staff are kept up-to-date

  • Offsite staff can update and access documents and information “on the go”
  • All staff kept up-to-date in real time with latest information (jobs, clients, documents etc)
  • Once source of truth - everyone using the one system

Add and electronic documents

  • Save Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio and Project direct
  • Drag and drop any other document format

File and find everything in one place

  • Find any file in seconds
  • Flexible indexing, searching and reporting
  • Easy to use = great staff acceptance

Bulk paper scanning

  • Bulk scan using any scanner
  • Go paperless - convert paper to safe and searchable files

World class security using Microsoft Azure

  • Backed up every 15 minutes
  • Replicated in multiple locations
  • Automated fail over procedure
  • Fortress like security - far beyond a local server

Customised database and records management

  • Database configured to suit your business
  • Configuration easily updated any time
  • Customised workflow to suit your business
  • Ferret API - integrate with your existing business systems

Controlled access to records and documents

  • Set permissions for individual/users groups
  • Flexible permission rules to suit your business

Centralised email filing

  • Outlook integration with auto indexing
  • Find any email or attachment in seconds
  • “Remembers” where to file emails

Ferret software brings everything together in one place.

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Eleanor Shakeshaft
Bain & Associates

“Ferret is the missing link where all emails and documents are stored in one place and it actually doesn’t matter where they are kept. They can always be found. Now we can flick into a client, see the jobs and see the documents against each of those jobs plus all the correspondence”

Eleanor ShakeshaftDirector Bain & Associates (WA)

Bain & Associates
Mark Campbell

“Austagencies have been a client of Ferret since 2008. We recognised the opportunity to deploy a system that allows us to centralise all of our communication and rating notes in a structured and controlled manner that has close integration to our core underwriting platform.”

Mark CampbellGeneral Manager Operations, North Sydney (NSW)

Christine Brunton
Colliers International

“Once our staff changed their mind-set and realised that paper was no longer required, the Ferret system become liberating. We just wish we had installed it five years ago.”

Christine BruntonColliers International

Colliers International
Deepika Chandrasekar

“Our factory generates a lot of paper records every day and traceability is very important to us. Ferret has enabled us to store all our files in a systematic order and we are able to access records whenever we want them.”

Deepika ChandrasekarWhittakers

Tracey Patterson
Tenon Manufacturing

“Ferret software is user friendly and simple, implementation is completed without huge time effort, and the support team are always readily available to support with full knowledge in the product.”

Tracey PattersonIT Manager Tenon Manufacturing

Tenon Manufacturing

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